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We have negotiated with (shall we say we begged) this guy for months and months. He would not go in public, he was simply not interested to expose to the wider audience his ability to read what is in the future of people. He was happy to help those who accidentally found him due to the hand of the Providence.

Until now.

What we didn’t try to persuade him to agree telling future to a wider audience. At the end, seeing us so desperate, he said that he will enter meditation and if he receives a sign, he will do it.

That was it.

We were left at the mercy of a sign. One week passed, he said nothing. Another week, nothing. Third week, silent. After a fourth week he said that he has received a sign to surrender to helping people make better decisions. He told us the message was: “Surrender. Sacrifice. Help them make better decisions. Have compassion if they don’t.”

This guy helped so many people, we were happy that the sign was positive. Still, he wants to remain anonymous.

He will make a future reading and that’s it.


Don’t try to find who he is or where he lives. We can’ tell you either. This is a part of the deal (read – sign). He is not interested in fame, he just wants to help. Please bear this in mind while ordering.

How to order your future reading?

To order your future reading first choose the amount you want to donate/offer. Then write in the comment your name, date of birth and exact time of birth (will not be published). Please give your accurate e-mail. After a few days, you will receive a file in your e-mail, telling you about what you can expect in next three months.


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Future Reading (Three Months)

Future Reader