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Women Fashion-Elite Business Ads

Max Fancy – Women Fashion

Max Fancy – Women Fashion – online shopping for women’s fashion clothing and accessories. Here is a fine shop for women that have particular taste in fashion…

Women Fashion-Elite Business Ads

If your legs are long and thin, here you’ll find a dress that will make your legs charming. Slit designed dress or a half perspective dress, you’ll look stunning in it and people will stare in your legs.

A talented barelegged slits design dress will make you look sexy, it will give the aura of a more advanced style and an appearance superior in temperament.

More than a hundred times recommended by women who bought it is a lovely wrapped body skirt. This sweet skirt is the give of the state of invincibility. You’ll look as a oder of your self confidence and show how you feel. There’s a variety of meat arm, bucket waist, bare back and so on- all kinds of colours and designs…

Women Fashion When You Need To Look Hot

When you need to be allurement, the attraction, the light and a woman that steps the light, you need to dress in an astonishing manner. Whether it is a ethnic style, a floral print, a body-con, prom dress or even a dress for the beach,at Max Fancy – Women Fashion online shop you will find it.
Women Fashion-Elite Business Ads

Make sure you visit their store, you’ll never regret. Discover latest women’s fashion dresses, lace dresses, casual dresses, tight dress, blouses, shirts, swimwear, intimates, tops, tees, beachwears, knitwears, suits, jackets, denim jackets, coats, socks, hoister, bottoms and ladies or girls’s accessories.


For a special occasions, vacations or simply for a every day, Max Fancy – Women Fashion – online shopping will satisfy your fashion taste.

With contrast single product, win in style

Mix the essence of contrast, want to wear a beautiful dress beauty is a key to a modest increase in Hale elements, to make the overall look sweet but not greasy.

Shirt style skirt is best to control. Do not hesitate to explore and buy – recommended by Elite Business Ads!

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AuthenticArt – Unique Art From Alana Monet-Telfer

AuthenticArt is the shop of uniqueness! its contains unique art, cards, and paintings; which are great for you own pleasure, and even as gifts for your loved ones and friends!

Elite Business Ads

Contained in this shop are unique watercolour landscape paintings, and special fantasy greeting cards; which are especially great at Christmas and Birthdays!

Giving the one you adore and treasure the best gift, is a very important action to do. Finding that one of a kind gift (whether for your loved one or even yourself) can be a task upon itself too.

Original Handmade Paintings

Handmade paintings by the UK artist Alana Monet-Telfer are inspired by the inner eye of her mind. She loves to play with watercolour landscape and pencil, she kind of dances with her forms and compositions.

The unforeseeable and unconstraint nature of painting process with watercolor makes it one of the most thrilling and expressive medium to work with. Alana employes a fine, transparent and watery layer of pigments to create delicate and authentic art.

On the other hand a precise pencil drawing takes time and patience with love. Often using it as a medium for creating a engaging greeting cards, Alana’s pencil drawings are thought-provoking and capturing.

Elite Business Ads

This is what she says:

“All we want to do is find a perfect and unique gift, which can never be replicated; and will show just how much you love the person which you give it too. With my unique art, this is my intention, inspiration, and motivation for my products, as well as selling them. I hope you enjoy looking around the shop, and find that precious gift you are seeking!”

We especially liked her innocent Cottage Landscape Watercolour Painting with a mountain in the back. The paining portrays a beauty and peaceful location of the country side. It reminds us of the time in our lives when things were pure, innocent; when fee  had that liberating sense of freedom.

For sure, Alana is an artist whose paintings will find a place in many homes.

Positive Affirmations - Believe And Receive

Believe And Receive

Believe And Receive is all about positive affirmation success. And not only positive affirmations, but affirmations that contain the power of the Divine.
Positive Affirmations - Believe And Receive

Positive affirmations are proven to change people’s lives. Millions of people use them every day to uplift their spirits, achieve their goals and increase their fortune.

Positive affirmations can help anyone receive financial blessings, abundance and prosperity.

If you belong to a Christian fate and believe in Lord Jesus Christ, you can visit a store of the ministry blog – a Christian affirmation success – where you’ll find a unique and divinely empowered affirmations.

Many believers in Lord Jesus Christ confirm that these affirmations really work. They are especially blessed to help you get more success, gain undermined self-esteem, faintly health, induce self-healing, obtain better financial situation, acquire divine blessings, inner peace and happiness… all through the divine blessings of and belief in Lord Jesus Christ.


Christian Audio Downloads Are Powerful

Kindly take into consideration a message from Darryl from Christian Audio Downloads, who says:

“Our Christian audio downloads are powerful, easy to say and fun to repeat. Some of our downloads are relaxing and peaceful and others are high energy driven yet all of them express words of faith that you repeat everyday for maximum results. By using the name of Jesus (which is the only name above all names) we will see results.

All of our declarations are straight from the bible. When we pray or declare according to the bible, God must honor his word. His word never returns void. So keep your faith high because we serve the most high God. Keep dreaming because God gave us those dreams to live them. As long as we keep God first, everything else will fall into place.

So keep believing because God desires for us to receive the very best and by declaring everyday what God loves to answer, we can’t lose. God wins and so do you! 🙂

Job 22:28 – Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon they ways.

Proverbs 18:21 – Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

Matthew 21:22 – And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.”


Let The Lord Help You!

When properly contacted, divine energy spreads its influence quickly and in a fulfilling way. ”Ask and you will receive” is a universal truth and now you can take the help which you need.

Elite Business AdsHere at Elite Business Ads we tried and it really works. It works in two ways… Either you will experience a miracle, which is by the way a result of intense and deep faith; or you’ll be directed in a way that will lead to fulfilment of your goal, objective or desire.

One thing you have to be careful though, never desire to harm other people or act against the better interest of any other living being – if you do, you’ll be work against your own self interest.

Believe and receive in the name of Lord Jesus Christ and use what you got, back in the service of the greater good of you and others. Than your receiving is well deserved and sanctioned by the Lord.

Click on the blue image to find out more!


30 Things that SCARE Women About Themselves!

Elite Business Ads recommends…

A book of everyday struggles that women go though, but don’t feel comfortable with or just plain don’t like about themselves.

Elite Business Ads - 30 Things that SCARE Women About Themselves!


Every woman has that inner battle that she is not talking about. She keeps it inside of herself and she silently endures the struggle.

Most of the time she is like a cat that won’t show how much it is sick. Cats hide their health problems so good that when you finally find abut it, it’s often too late.

Women are much like that. They keep their inner secrets to themselves, revealing them only when they meet a worthy heart to hear their story.

Ms. Joe Bacon listened and interviewed women from all walks of life, personally and through the social platforms and wrote this fantastic book “30 Things that SCARE Women About Themselves!”.


Every Woman Has to Read This Book!

Elite Business Ads - 30 Things that SCARE Women About Themselves!In her book Joe quotes women’s’ issues, often citing bible scripture and offering a straightforward and common sense resolutions that reveal keen intelligence and wittiness behind the gracious beauty.

By reading this book the reader will appreciate how women are amazing and fabulous, beautiful and strong.

As the text of the book unfolds one learns about some common qualities that make women empowered and highly successful. These women know their real value, they have clear goals and have identified their need, but still, there are some things about them that scare them out of their minds.

Ms. Bacon identified thirty of such things that women all over the world are afraid of and addresses them with lots of humor and sympathy.
By going through the list, any woman can find out how to improve her life, empower herself to be happy and accept the situations as they arise. She will learn how to adapt and adopt new knowledge to be emotionally strong, embrace the change and have an opportunity to grow.

Read more about the book and the author  Ms. Joe Bacon here!

Elite Business Ads

Short Domain Names For Sale

Short domain names for sale reviewed on Elite Business Ads

Elite Business Ads


Check these high quality domain names from – premium domain names three or four letters long. When you need a profitable brand name for your business or an investment,  this is the place to find it.

Web domains with 3-4 letters are very difficult to acquire and it takes a while until you get the owner to sell it. However, 3-4 letter web domains are the best and high ranking domains when you need to establish your company’s brand and web presence. They offer credibility to your name, they are easy to remember and most of all they give you advantage above your competitors.

Sometimes all it takes to gain greater market share than that of your competitor is to have a cool name attached to your name or brand. Name that is shorter and easy to pronounce get the customers attention and make them buy more from your that from anybody else.

Short Domains For Sale have all the cool and great domain names for you. Check them out and consider how to improve your image and how to influence the world with what you do in a more effective way.

One way is definitely to have a great name of your brand!


EMV Global Solution

EMV Global Solution offers wide range of EMV solutions for the protection of your customer’s card payments.

EMV Global Solution


With EMV equipment for card personalisation, your customer’s card information is securely protected. EMV cards are protected with chips and unique code that is generated after each transaction and makes it impossible to counterfeit.

This EMV equipment and products guarantee that no credit card fraud will happen to your customer and no card information will be stolen. EMV cards have microprocessor chips that make them immune to any hacker attack on the sensitive information while customers are making a payment.

Without using EMV technology the card information of your customer can stolen. The hacker may hack the barcode scanner at the checkout and get the customers’ card number, which he can use to make purchases without the knowledge or authorisation of the card owner.

But with EMV technology your customer is protected and your store gets more credibility. EMV Global Solution offers many products that retailers can use in their payment processing and help their customers be safe while shopping.

Visit their website and find out more about card protection!

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Temp Share

From Elite Business Ads

Temp Share (TS) is a free file hosting & sharing solution. This is your outsourced solutions for file hosting services that are easily available, secure and of the peak performance.

File Sharing - Online Services


Temp Share (TS) file hosting for unregistered users is temporary and the file will be deleted automatically after 90 days from uploading date. Time expiration is selectable from 1 day up to 3 Months.

TS also offer to registered users 30GB space for free and without time expiration. As a registered users you may organize your files in folders, share and access them everywhere from your device.


Temp Share – Outsourced File Hosting

File hosting services are outsourced solutions and used widely not only due costs reduction but also for better management and availability. Yes right, availability, performance and security are the basic requirements on today’s file hosting services. This because easy access, privacy and safety must come together in order to consider a service reliable. To achieve this developers must not only surpass a lot of technical challenges but also gain the client’s confidence.

TEMP-SHARE.COM is one of them, a free file hosting and sharing solution.


Two Services In One Place

With the Temp Share you get two services in one place – they can be labeled as file sharing and file hosing at same time:

1) Sending big files to clients, friends or colleagues. Anyone can send files without registration but files have expiration time up to 3 months (1 day – 3 months). You can upload and send uploaded files up to 20 receivers (via email) at the same time with download notification. To increase security for very important files a password may be associated with them for better protection.

2) Hosting files for easy access anywhere, anytime. Registered users have 30GB free space (without time expiration) and will benefit from file manager (Called “my files” and is in continuous development) to organise they files in folders. From here they may control the security of they files.

File Sharing - Online Services

How It Works?

Files uploaded on TS have 3 active status: hidden, public and private.

The default files status is hidden. This mean that your files are not public or searchable but anyone with download link can download your files if they are not password-protected.

Public status is the lowest security protection for your files. Files are public listed and searchable. Anyway the file-password works for all file status and without password is impossible to download.

PrivateElite Business Ads
This status has meaning only for registered users. These files are accessible (download, delete) only by uploader, user owner. It is suggested to use this status for important or personal files.
Composed of many servers (nodes, for better performance), TEMP SHARE is a reliable service for file hosting and sending.

Click on the images for more information!

Best Anti-aging and Beauty Products

Best Anti-aging and Beauty Products

Best Anti-aging and Beauty Products on Elite Business Ads…

Worldwidesale® is a result-oriented company from UK that specializes in the sales of the best anti aging and beauty products. They offer fast and easy access to unbeatable prices for anti aging and beauty products worldwide.

Best Anti-aging and Beauty Products


Proper skin care is crucial in solving skin problems. Skin problems are many – from mild conditions to a serious ones. It is the best policy to take proper care of the skin, sou you don’t have to treat serious problems at the doctor’s office.

Daily 20-30 minutes care can help your skin to get proper nourishment, recovery and daily dose of health.

Have in consideration that because of the profit-mindedness, many companies use unhealthy components in beauty products. The best policy is to always use natural products, ideally bio or organic.



Skin health requires just the right skin treatments for the best results. When you use the products that are compatible with your skin condition you get quick results that last long and make you more radiant and beautiful.

Whatever treatment your skin needs, you should take care to recognise the indications at an early stage and use the proper beauty product to satisfy that need.



At Worldwidesale® you’ll find the best skin recovery and rejuvenation products that will positively respond to your skin type and rejuvenate multiple layers of your ectodermal tissues. There you’ll find many natural products that can restore the youth of your skin and help you glow with rejuvenated appearance.

Protect, nourish and rejuvenate your skin without dangerous chemicals or complicated procedures. Enjoy your beauty in a natural and pure way. Here is the list of some of the products categories you can choose from:

– anti-acing products

– instant face-lift creams and balsams

– under eye serums

– eyelash enhancers

– anti-cellulite creams

– anti-varicose and vain formula

– acne and scar removers and

– natural breast firming or breast enlargement creams

Click on the images to find out more! about Best Anti-aging and Beauty Products!

Best Anti-aging and Beauty Products

Elite Business Ads - Log Parser Lizard

Log Parser Lizard

Log Parser Lizard – find any detail in any database. Fast and accurate.

Elite Business Ads - Log Parser Lizard


Log Parser is a very powerful and versatile query software tool that provides universal query access to text-based data, such as log files, XML files, and CSV files, as well as key data sources on the Microsoft Windows operating system, such as the event log, IIS log, the registry, the file system, and the Active Directory services.

Elite Business Ads - Log Parser LizardBecause the command-line interface is not very intuitive, we have created Log Parser Lizard, a free GUI tool for managing queries and exporting results to PDF, Excel, pivot tables, charts, reports and dashboards.

In short, Log Parser is wonderful because it effectively lets you run SQL queries against text files:

SELECT DISTINCT src-ip FROM pfirewall.log WHERE action=’DROP’ 

SELECT cs-uri-stem FROM c:\InetPub\Logs\ex*.log

GROUP BY cs-uri-stem HAVING COUNT(*) > 50 

SELECT to_lowercase(extract_extension(cs-uri-stem)) AS PageType, SUM(sc-bytes) 

FROM ex131118.log, ex131119.log GROUP BY PageType

And one of the reasons the Log Parser Lizard is so wonderful because it shows that data in a beautiful GUI (graphical user interface).

Elite Business Ads - Log Parser Lizard

And it is not only for log files. You can also write and manage queries for Microsoft SQL Server (T-SQL), OLEDB queries (MySQL, Oracle, etc…), Facebook Query Language (FQL) and you can even analyze big data in the cloud using Google BigQuery services. There are some helpful examples included in the installation package to help you start using Log Parser Lizard as your query software, web log analyzer and system log analyzer.

When you want the fastest way to find answers in a maze data start working with Log Parser Lizard.

Lizard Lab masterfully creates Microsoft Windows operating system professional software to enhance and upgrade your business IT operation tasks.

To learn more how Lizard Lab can help you improve your business, visit their website here or click on the images!


Automated Sales Intelligence

Sales Automation is here! Let our Cybernetic Technology grow your business….. Make Sales Automatically. Take a look into the future…

Elite Business Ads


The one all-inclusive sales software is at last accessible to businesses that want to increase their online sales.

If you are a Marketer, Investor, Developer, Recruiter, Accountant, Real Estate Agent, Insurance Agent, MLMer or want to start your own company, this is the best choice for you.

Take the tour. This is unlike any marketing platform available right now.

You are looking at the future. It is the right place to be at the right time. This will change lives.

Never has there ever been such an accumulation of products under one roof. The Business World desperately needs this technology to deal with the rapidly changing market place!

Stop wasting your money on junk, get it all in one place, plus have the power to resell it and have it for retail.This is a real company, NOT AN MLM, with real solutions to people’s problems, that offers real value, and has an immediate reward plus residual income.

Click on the image to find out more!


Mikios Natural Body Scrub

Mikios Natural Body Scrub on Elite Business Ads…

This is 100 percent natural salt body scrubs that exfoliate and moisturize skin. No lotion needed. Free shipping in USA. International bulk shipping available at discounts.

Elite Business Ads


Natural salt for body scrubs helps remove dead skin cells, moisturises and softens skin, fights acne and makes your skin smooth.

mnbs2012-Mikios_Natural_Body_Scrub2This 100% natural product from Mikios Natural Body Scrub is made with no use of artificial chemicals or modified substances.

Its main ingredients are honey, olive oil and epsom salt – all natural and carefully mixed together to take care of your skin and beautiful appearance.

When you look better, you fell more self-confidant and your self-esteem is on a higher level. All this cause you to feel  better.

These top rated body scrubs will clean your skin and remove harmful substances from the surface of your skin. Coming in nine different flavours like lavender, peppermint and strawberry, this purely natural product will nourish your skin in a completely new way.

Those who always seek a natural solutions to their beauty care will like this very special product of nature. Natural beauty care is the best way to take care of your health and beauty.

Elite Business AdsSkin care is one of the stepping stones to long-lasting beauty and healthy appearance. Some people live long, but they don’t look healthy. Looking beautiful and healthy is now much more possible with this gem of natural beauty care.

Not only women, but also men will like it and use it with great pleasure. Nourishing your skin with all natural ingredients will redefine how you fell in your skin and make you fell rejuvenated.

It’s easy to use – rub it on your body, let it set in a little and then just rinse it. Repeat it 2-3 times a week for optimal results.

Click on the images and read more about it! 

Elite Business Ads

Global Power Networks

Global Power Network from Elite Business Ads…

Have a Great Product but you’re NOT great at Selling? Let our Team of Marketing Professionals do it for you!

Elite Business Ads

What happens when you have a great product that can transform the life of your customer, but you have no selling skills or time?

Yup, you end up with no sales made.

Let’s admit it, most of the people are not at all cut out to be salesmen and women. No matter how great your product or business is, without the right message and technique, it can be an uphill battle.

Many great products are left unsold or even stay unrevealed because of the last of selling skills. This may be a serious obstacle to making online or offline profits. If you don’t have what it takes to bring the offer to a close, you will not sell much and will ultimately be frustrated.

Every day thousands of people like you are making sales and profits online. They are not more intelligent than you or have some special secret. They are just better at selling than you are.

Fortunately, you can now also sell more an you need not to know how!

Here is why…

Elite Business AdsGlobal Power Networks is a Sales Team Marketing Solution that can help grow your business whether you are new to network marketing or a seasoned veteran. They can help you make more sales and profits online. Actually, they will help you decide what is the best way for you to receive their assistance.

This may give you an idea which you can use to build your successful home business that supports your budget and life-style.

Request a FREE, no pressure Consultation with one of GPN’s professional sales team members to see if this solution is for you.

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No GIMMICKS – Nothing to Buy

No GIMMICKS – Nothing to Buy – Check out this promo from Elite Business Ads…

Just 2 great e-books. Complete Guide To Starting and running a home business.
How to Generate Traffic with Yahoo Answers.

bmcoll3278 -yahoo-answers

Download two books on how to make tons of traffic to your website by using Yahoo Answers. These two books talk about:

1. A complete guide on how to start and develop a very successful internet business from the comfort of your home, and

2. How to use Yahoo Answers to increase the quality traffic to your website

These two books are completely free, no hidden agendas, nothing to buy, no free trials or anything like that –  just two free e-books, free download.

This business opportunity for developing a home business today is increasing with every day and in this book you’ll learn how to make it happen and work for your home budget.

Anyone can engage one of the greatest on the internet Yahoo, to drive me decent traffic to your website. By providing useful information on Yahoo Answers, you can on an easy way attract people to visit your website and drive traffic.

Yahoo Answers is proven method to be a painless way to generate traffic to your website, however it’s often more than overlooked one as well.

These two books will help you refill your home budget and enjoy the ride.

Click on the link here and get then now!


WordPress Brander

Alter any of WordPress open source plugins and themes name, author, description and more online in simple steps.


WP Brander is making it easier than ever to earn HUGE profits from WordPress!

WordPress is a fantastic web software which is used to in a easy way create a blog or a beautiful website

WP Brander team have designed a cutting-edge branding tool that allows anyone using WordPress software to build his website, to re-brand open source plugins and themes and make them his own.

No coding required, no experience necessary, and you even do not have to build your own plugin or theme EVER. Simply choose the open source item you want to brand and change author, name, description and tags and replace it with your own unique content. This tool is super easy to use and it puts all the power in your hands.

WordPress is used by more than 60 million people who power their websites with this great software. There are thousands of plugins that can transform any website into completely personal and customised web presence. These plugins made wealthy many people who created them. Everybody knows that by making WordPress plugins, one can become rich. The simple reason for this is that the market is just huge!

But, let’s face it, it takes months, years, and thousands of dollars to create simple plugins for WordPress users. However, now you can take plugins and themes that have already been developed and brand it with your name to start earning profits! It’s simple, legal, and the process is so easy!

obamztech1This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to brand your company and start earning huge revenues online for $49.00 only. Visit our website at to sign up now!

Work Smarter. Not Harder.

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Collateral Marketing In Trading With Ores

Ores, metals and minerals, we can’t live without them. Here is a company than can help you sell or buy any ore, metal or mineral you need.


TradeOre company has very successfully introduced an concept that works well with all in the business with ores. This is what they say…


TradeOre And Collateral Marketing

This collateral marketing concept and marketing campaign is intended to provide an authoritative introduction to the modern industry. The coordination from the branch in Yangon, Myanmar (SEO) web development, collateral marketing and communication theory assists businesses and organisations with digital marketing and creative branding and/or communication strategies and initiatives most efficiently.

With most projects and management programs and within the operations of our company we define collateral marketing as a collection of material for marketing and sales of a product or a service. Businesses use collateral marketing to communicate their message to their clients and consumers such as materials or content of electronic media used to enhance sales of products.


Dynamic Markets

Our management experiences across various industries and vertical markets put theory into practice for the mineral resources and financial industries across the world and if you currently manage market infrastructure for industry and technology trends, land and property, or are conducted with communicating your global message to local markets you might want to use different kinds of search engine marketing (SEM) campaign promotion structures in order to market your business effectively.

Thereof different kinds of case studies on how to make your online marketing more effective are powerful marketing and sales collateral for businesses. Through a compilation of research findings from various market research activities we form dynamic materials to help your business grow.


Complete Service For Your Brand

The most comprehensive and very efficient and decisive methods highlights our products and services, and your brand. The organizational ability identified with tradeore bank and finance include public relations, marketing plans, market research, development of collateral materials, websites, digital media/videos, podcasts, advertising campaigns, trade show events, and direct mail promotions.

By assigning nominations of leading international research we already today see that plays an important role in creating a common denominator for all your corporate and marketing communications to ensure standardization and uniformity.


Easy Money Access To Back You Up

Defined in e-money important financial institutions specialized services for example Interbank money markets are increasingly characterized by secured transactions and will be able to demonstrate knowledge of marketing and its valuable benefit to a business. ” – Collateral materials will always remain an integral part of a marketing campaign”, – was a forthwith comment from the founders to the business to business portals.

Whether you have received a marketing management system in place or are approaching the process for the first time, is to take a detailed enumeration of all of your marketing materials so that you have a good idea of what you are working with. The system that we works with is capable for reports and instruments that updates a broad range of stakeholders activities and also acts as a marketing tool for potential corporate partners.


Management For Scientists

Management strategies preferred by science marketers also systematically evaluate compatibility and ability for technical details which allows a long-term viable interactive analytical reporting in tune with the other production. It is what broadly constitutes the basic pillar of the organizational characteristics, issues, and concerns.

Subsequently to the creative concept emphasizes the activities dedicated to scientific innovation, relevant industry-specific research and connecting research counterparts internationally. Find the right platform for you and enter the largest group of behavioral marketing.

As an established and well-capitalized global leader, we can offer the guidance you need to achieve your business objectives in any sector, in any market environment.

Here you will find the phone number to our help desk — we welcome posts and comments in our forum.


Collateral Marketing – Central Banking And Monetary Policy

Registry for investing insights and all forms of capital to equally compete in the financial market. List over monetary market products such as bank deposits, bank bills and large transferrable deposits, bonds, stocks, security investment funds and financial derivatives such as swaps and forwards.

For more in-depth planning, you may want to consult a financial advisor, agency, service initiative or retirement or benefits counselor, you can be sure to get the customer support you want.

You’ll find on-demand management as well all about financial accounting from local branches to global enterprises. Find trust company locations, nonprofit organizations, governments, real estate development, financial institutions and international trade and regulatory advisory relationships. Registration for investing ideas, special offers, companies, stock market information and other financial research data is free of charge, limited time only.

For more information click here!


i-Ox – New Way Of Using Your Smartphone

i-Ox – New Way Of Using Your Smartphone!

You’ll love this smartphone gadget…. What if you had a gadget so revolutionary it changes the very nature of your smartphone and other electronic devices? The i-Ox will give you the freedom needed to multi-task like a pro!


i-Ox is a smartphone grip that makes holding and operating your device using one hand much easier and convenient.

It gives you an improved experience while typing, gaming, photographing, browsing the web, working and reading.

So how does it work? Easy! You simply attach the streamlined i-Ox on to the back of your smartphone or electronic device, extend the ring, slip it onto your finger and start enjoying this ingenious device in full control. It’s slim, unobtrusive and will provide you with a new sense of freedom.

i-Ox is very easy to operate and provides complete security when you take selfies. Remember how many times you missed that perfect moment because you had to adjust your smartphone and take care that it doesn’t fall down while you are pressing touching that red dot? Some people broke this smartphones when doing selfies – you touch the red button, it swirls in your hand and it’s on the ground, broken.

With i-Ox there are no chances that will ever happen to you. You keep your smartphone with one hand, but on the back, your finger is holding that little gadget that makes all the difference. And most beautiful of all, when you are done, it clicks on its place, not obstructing your device in any way. How cool is that!

lizshotoAnother great way to use i-Ox is as a stand. You can use to to take the photo form even grater distance than your outstretched hand. You set the timer on your smartphone, lean it on the i-Ox and go a desired distance. Wait a sec and there you have your remote selfie.

Or let’s say you want to watch your favourite video clip or even some movie. Place the smartphone on the i-Ox and press play. You are now watching your video and you don’t have to keep your smartphone in the hands. Some wife even cook that way…

i-Ox ships to any place in the world and is easy to apply it to your smartphone. On the back side of the i-Ox there is adhesive sticker that very fast and strong sticks to your smartphone. You stick it on the back of your smartphone and you are ready to use it. As simple as that.

Click on the images to find out more about this fantastic smartphone gadget you will love!



A Demon’s Quest: The Beginning Of The End

Fantastic book by Charles Carfagno Jr. – Fast action, solid writing, snappy dialogue, and totally enjoyable. Prepare to be transferred into a magic world of extraordinary characters and events.


A Demon’s Quest: The Beginning Of The End


Great Book

Demons are emerging from the underworld to stake their claim on humanity.  Battle lines are hastily drawn, ensnaring friends and foes in a fight for their lives.  Unlikely heroes will emerge, some bravely volunteering to serve the cause, while others are forced into the fray.

Torhan, on the warriors quest, is of the latter.  The human lad, accused of crimes he did not commit, must fight to clear his name.  His journey is dangerous, fraught with possible death at every turn, but he is resourceful and skilled with a blade…but is it enough?

Epic battles and unimaginable creatures await the reader in the pages of this Fantasy Adventure, volume one.  Evil, so venomous it strikes without care, is mercilessly wielded by the demons in a bid to enslave the human race.

However, a battle cry of freedom stands in their way, as courage, honesty and loyalty will not easily be outdone.  An array of characters lead by Blood Knights, Monks of the White Fist, and the Lord of the Mind, are anxiously engaged in a battle of wits and distilled strengths.

Demon’s Quest is packed with magic, swords and swordplay, enchanted people, monsters and much more. Author Charles Carfagno Jr. has created a world akin to Dungeons and Dragons, a fanciful cosmos described with flare and unique penmanship for the most avid of fantasy fans.


About the Author


Charles Carfagno Jr. at his writing desk

Charles Carfagno Jr. is an IT specialist by day, Author at night, and practitioner of Western Martial Artist for over eight years. His skill in the martial arts, have allowed him to create so many memorable fight scenes throughout the series. 

Writing is also becoming second nature to him as he devotes 15-20 hours a week crafting interesting stories. Charles loves to travel with Italy being his favorite place to explore and get creative.

More about the author read here! 

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Cool Belt – Innovative Way To Quench Thirst

Latest great innovation by Lorita Bolts – an investing opportunity from a lady that builds airplanes… 


Cool Belt


The Cool Belt is an eco-friendly, reusable liquid container that can help you quench thirst in any situation.

Its design features make it more functional and comfortable to wear when you are outdoor, trekking in the nature, volunteering on a project or a mission or even running a marathon.

This streamlined, stylish, lightweight hydration belt is worn around the waist, is handsfree, and is comfortable as well as always accessible.


Environmentaly Safe


Plastic bottle waste

Did you know that every day, 60 million plastic bottles are used, only in USA? Unfortunately, plastic bottles and garbage dumped in the ocean, every year kill more than one million of sea creatures and organisms.

Only one plastic bottle out of six, makes it to the recycling facilities.

Plastic bottles are made from crude oil and the production of plastic bottles drain the reserve of fossil fuels, plus, they polite environment. Only in America, manufacturers of plastic bottles use amount of oil that could keep one million cars drive for one year non-stop.

Cool Belt is a durable solution that doesn’t have any of the environmental and health concerns associated with single-use plastic bottles.

With Cool Belt, you are helping the economy, you keep environment cleaner and you save your money. 




Cool Belt of any outdoor occasion

It features a flat hydration bladder which holds 8 oz. 12oz., 24 oz to 36 oz of any cool liquids (i.e. water, sodas, juices, etc.), attached to a long tube-like straw.

The fluids in the bladder can be refrigerated and kept cold until ready for use. The special fabric keeps liquids cool until the consumption of the fluids have been completed. Even ice can be put in this belt, such as the ice that comes mixed with fountain drinks.

The belt and tube-like straw have stylish interchangeable outer covers with appealing designs to match a variety of fitness apparel.

These stylish outer coverings of Cool Belt would be available separately or can be custom made.


FDA Approved

The bladder is removable, enabling it to be easily cleaned and disinfected. The hydration bladder, the suction tubing, and the glue that holds the parts together are all made of FDA-approved materials.

The Cool Belt being FDA approved means you can put any liquid in the bladder and the liquids won’t harm the user by eating through the material. It took Lorita and her partner more then two years of research and testing to come up with the material that is used in making of the Cool Belt. As a result, Cool Belt is made with the highest standard quality material, approved by the FDA.


Who Can Use It?

tuppieVolunteers and emergency staff need to remain hydrated during relief efforts after natural disasters like storms, cyclones, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.

It can be used as well in international relief efforts in war torn areas. The Cool Belt is made of FDA approved materials and can also hold medicines to help aid the injured. It can also be used in rescue kits for schools, churches, and organizations in case of natural disasters.

Trekkers, outdoor lovers – enthusiasts and professionals, mountain climbers, recreational athletes, marathon runners, camping groups and scouts… practically anyone having to spend their time outside a house.


Invest or Buy the Rights to Patent

With the wide spectre of potential buyers, Cool Belt is a sellable product that can find its way to many customers.

You can order as many as you want. As far as production goes Lorita can manufacture one million a year.

Since this is her original idea and Lorita invented it, Cool Belt is open for investing in further development or even selling its rights to patent. You can invest in the development and product placement or you can buy the patent rights and make it your own.

Investors, this is your chance to make money work for you and make you even more richer than you are now!

For all serous offers and further discussions, please contact Lorita and find out more details about this fantastic product.


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Dharma Healing & Wellness

Retreat for women….’Guilt Free’ for the Woman who is Bold Enough to Finally put herself 1st!



The BIGGEST mistake women make that leeds to increased feelings of  being overwhelmed, unappreciated, anxious and depressive is the LACK OF SELF-CARE.

Discover how to relax, release and rejuvenate with our healing and wellness retreat.

Happy freedom woman relaxing arms up at beach sunset during fitness yoga. Summer vacation person carefree on holidays travel.

Happy freedom woman relaxing arms up at beach sunset during fitness yoga. Summer vacation person carefree on holidays travel.

GUILT FREE is designed to encourage women to finally put themselves first thought the use of self care.

This 5-day event will be taking place in a luxury  home in the Sandbridge area of Virginia Beach.


1) Luxury home / Walking distance to beach

2) Most rooms with private bath / washer / dryer

3) Group meditation / massage / hot tub

4) All the meals and snacks (on the site only) / billiards

5) $400 in free gifts

6) All activities (on site)

And much more…

Every woman deservers to be kind to herself and be the queen of her life. This retreat will help you develop skills that promote your self care and wellness and empower you to put yourself first.

You’ll learn how to have more fun and what other stress-free women do to have deep, meaningful relationships with their loved ones.


Early Bird Special

$99 off for reservations before June 31st 2015.

$199.00 off when you pay in full.

Portrait Of Three Female Friends On Holiday

Portrait Of Three Female Friends On Holiday

Time: from November 6th – 10th 2015.
Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia (address will be provided upon registration)

Click here for registering your spot or more information on GUILT FREE.


Fighting Wrinkles – Is It Worth The Price?

Fighting wrinkles – NEW on the market – Cream that mimics Botox effect and how you can profit from it!

MAKE MONEY ONLINE WITH # 1 FASTEST GROWING COMPANY – Improve your body and how you look with these skin care products. Plus, make money online!

win555Jeunesse is number 1 fastest growing company in North America, number 38 worldwide.

By clicking on the image you’ll come on the page where you can enrol into the part time work and activate your program where you will receive information on how to make money online being a part of this company.

It’s very easy and you can join immediately. After joining you will be introduced to simple strategy that helped thousands of people at home, doing part time work of merely few hours daily and making extra cash promoting great skin care products base on stem cells.

This could be your new home based business, adding to your home budget several thousands US dollars a year. It can help you pay your bills or even invest into your personal wealth and financial security.

By enrolling now you will be on your way to better body health and better personal finance situation. 

Look here for more skin care products or fat loss products or click on the image to join the program and start making money online right away!


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